A Pashmina is the New Fashion in Town

pink pashmina

How often do you think that you will dress in a classy way and surprise all your friends? How many times do you think that you will add something new to your look in the reunion you are invited to? Almost every time; however, you do not find the exact way to do it because every time something lacks and this gets onto your nerves.

Fret not, friends because here is your Eureka in finding the best trend for you!

Pashmina is the perfect fit for you because it will both provide you with a classy look and your friends will wonder why you are looking so radiant. Pashmina goes with every complexion because of its vast diversity of colors and designs. Moreover, especially a coral pashmina looks enchanting in colors like yellow, blue, beige, and blue.

The colours that go exceptionally with coral pashmina are:


Blue is a precisely cool color. It looks very soothing yet charismatic. The duo of either Cocktail Filled Dress or Drape Dress seems the ultimate with a pashmina. A Printed Lace Up Skater Dress also goes pleasantly with a pashmina.

You can team your dresses and pashmina with beautiful satchel bags and stilettos to have a comprehensive casual look.


The yellow color is very bright and gives positive vibes. That’s why yellow is most of us’ favorite choice. Team up the con Floral Crotchet Body Dress with coral pashmina. A golden clutch bag would go justifiably with the dress along with an ankle length Lita or Mates. And the gladiator shoe is also not a wrong choice.


As far as beige goes, it is a very bold color and yet not very shiny. Beige looks very chic as Lady In The Sun dress and Emma Polka Dress. If you line it up along with coral pashmina, then it will enhance the beauty of the dress.


Cream looks very alluring, yet the color is very humble. Coral, on the other hand, is screamingly bright and much burnished. The combination of both colours is very spectacular. Hence you can surely try a cream colored dress with the coral pashmina.

A cream shade Opal Mid Dress will look just fine with the pashmina. You can even try cream or beige color stilettos and a tote bag with it to give it a refined look.

The good things about pashmina

Pashmina is very good for every season and every occasion. For chilling evenings you can wrap yourself with a pashmina for warmth. In sunny mornings, pashmina goes like a trendy scarf. A pashmina can be worn to dates, ceremonies and other instances.

Pashmina fits very attractively with formal dresses, casual dresses, casual apparels and traditional apparels as well.

Pashminas never go out of style, so if you are thinking that wearing a pashmina will be a very meek decision, then try yourself once with a pashmina and surely you will like it.

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