The KMB is back!!! The Sky Bar will be host to Kevin on Thursday, March 20th . The Kevin MacDonald Band will be playing some of their newest songs as well as your fave old KMB standards. See the shows page for details.

At TT the Bears Place, April 2nd, 2000

Kevin MacDonald Band at TT the Bears Place, April 2nd, 2000.
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The Kevin MacDonald Band is Kevin MacDonald, on guitar and vocals, with Eric J. Watts and Tom Bishop on bass and drums. The band has been playing the Boston scene since early 1997. Kevin writes the songs and has been descibed as having “the heart of a popster with the brain of a Berklee surgeon.” The result is progressive, edgy pop.

The first recording, Where Am I…And Where Are My Glasses, established the pop. The edge became evident with They Laughed At Noah, their second recording. The progressive material reared its head with None More Pop: Volume One.

Before and After

Old and New
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Check out a show sometime. It’s a great time and they always need the support. Remember to check back often to keep up with the news on the band. You don’t want to miss anything.

The band welcomes contact from anyone whishing more information for any reason. The band appreciates you checking them out, but a links page has been set up and they ask you to visit the people who’ve been cool to them.

The Band

KMB’s roots go back to 1990, where Kevin MacDonald played bass and sang while John Coughlin played drums in a band that did really bad R.E.M., Midnight Oil, and Cure covers. Fortunately, this band never made it out of the garage. Over the next few years, John went on to drum for a few local Boston bands, most notably, Son Of Lucy. Kevin, however, retreated to his bedroom. For the next few years he accumulated a couple of guitars, a Korg digital piano, and most importantly a Tascam 4-track (living at home obviously allowed for some free spending). He then began sharpening his “skills” as a songwriter.

During the winter of 1995

Kevin made the decision to record some of his “best” songs. He approached John with the idea, and throughout April, May and June the two rehearsed. In July of 1995 they went into Fort Apache Studios in Cambridge MA to record with Wally Gagel (who has worked with Superchunk, Sebadoah, and Folk Implosion). They recorded 5 songs and returned to the Fort in September to record 3 more. The CD “where am i…and where are my glasses” was released December 23, 1995.

1996 began the search for a band. A four piece would’ve been ideal (to duplicate various overdubbed guitar and vocal parts), but a good portion of the year was WASTED when several “prospects” didn’t work out. By October, Kevin and John were again just two. Enter Eric J. Watts. Kevin knew Eric from work and knew he played bass, but didn’t think he’d be interested in playing Kevin’s brand of “pop” (Eric was known for his taste in heavier types of music). Eric put all concerns to rest quickly. With his enthusiasm and reliability, not to mention his skill, he breathed new life into the project.

Not wanting to waste anymore time auditioning new members

Kevin decided to go with the more stripped down, raw sounding three-piece. Although they cannot duplicate all the noises on the CD, they compensate with a tight, punchy sound which actually gives the more “poppy” songs (“Perfect Girl”, “Never Meant To Be”) some added edge. The Kevin MacDonald Band played it’s first show ever on February 5, 1997 at T.T. the Bears’ Place in Cambridge MA.

They continued to play shows throughout the year and in October of 1997 they were back at Fort Apache recording CD #2, this time working with Matthew Ellard (who has worked with Tanya Donnelly, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Treble Charger, etc., etc.). The band recorded a more versatile set of songs than on the first CD, featuring melodic pop(“Just When”), crunchy pop (“Sleep Less”), edgy (“Drink”), moody and intricate (“Nineteen Years”), and ambitious, if not overcomposed (“Complex Christ”). Titled “They Laughed at Noah,” KMB’s second CD was released Feb. 5, 1998, exactly one year after their first show.


Kevin, John and Eric played out in support of Noah for the bulk of the year, playing at the Kirkland Cafe in Cambridge and Aerosmith’s Mama Kin on Landsdown St. in Boston. Then, in November John decided to leave the band and played his last show with KMB on December 2, at Mama Kin. A week and half later, Tom Bishop was chosen to fill the void. Tom promptly moved his kit (and P.A.) into the practice studio they shared with Son of Lucy at the Music Complex in Charlestown, MA and began to learn Kevin’s tunes. They left this shared room in late January and on February 1, 1999 moved into Tom’s basement, recently renovated to be neighbor-friendly, and have been there since.


February 25th, 2001

The new record, which carries the name, None More Pop, Volume 1 proudly announces its first single, “Supergenius.” Tom toiled long and hard with the mix and once approved by his eminance, Kevin, they sent it on its way via Eric in his brown UPS uniform…or something. Call up your local radio show to request it. And if you don’t know any of the local shows, then check out www.thenoise.com to find one.

And we would love to see your smiling face, bopping head and tapping foot at the Sky Bar on March 8th for our first show in four months. Visit the shows page to get the specifics.

October 11th

Yup, Eric and Tom have laid their tracks and Kevin is about to finish his. After that it’s vocals and then all the fussing over the mix. I think Kevin has a title in mind, but he won’t fess up. I can, however, list out the tunes: Beat the Clock, Detatched, Empty as a Promise, Hide Your Head, Supergenius and What’s Today?.

And again we venture to the club known to Cambridge-onians as…TT the Bears. November 1st is the date. Check the Shows page for details.

August 27th

The guys sounded great at the Middle East, Downstairs a couple weeks ago. And while that is good, it pales when you learn that they’ve started recording a brand new CD. The as-of-yet unnamed disc is being recorded in their practice space with loaned equipment. I’ll fill everyone in on the details as soon as they’re released.

In related news (I’ve always wanted to say that), the website is being redesigned to match the CD and with that will come a few new features.

On a personal note. Some friends of ours are getting married today. Ken and Christine, we wish you the best. Good luck.

July 12th

The guys sounded great at the Sky Bar last Friday…for as long as they were allowed to play. A very late sound man caused the set to be cut in half. But despite abreviated stage time, they still receive many compliments.

And now for that something extra. Well, to be as completely vauge and childish as possible –

I know something you don’t know.
Nyeah, nyeah, nya-nyeah, nyeah.

May 6th

Eric, wild man that he is, did something well…wild, but first the skinny on the last show at the Sky Bar in Somerville.

It was good…so I’m told. I was stuck in a class, but everyone was happy how it went. I did, however, catch the other two bands, Waver and Beverage. Both good. The Sky Bar is a cool little club, check it out. Again, the guys want to say thanks to Shred of WBCN for hooking them up.

The next show is on the horizon…somewhere. We just don’t know when yet. When it (the show) tells us when it is, we’ll tell you.

As for Eric, well let’s just say that he has turned himself into a human canvas. Yup, he crossed the NH border and got a tattoo. Some of you may or may not remember that he is into the heavy metal band, Type O-Negative. We now know that he is no mere fan. He is in fact fanatic because their logo is now permanently inked on his right arm. At a recent practice, in honor of Eric’s new designation as the black sheep of the band, the guys goofed on (I think?) a shortened Typo-O cover. A shot of the tattoo has been posted in Eric’s photo gallery.

See ‘ya.

April 11th

Well, what do you think of the site’s new look? I think it’s pretty damn cool, but then I’m fairly biased. Please tell me what you think. You can use the updated contact form.

the band

In addition to a new look, some pages have been revamped and some pages are brand new. I have to thank FBA Copywriter – amazon listing optimization for the website re-vamp. But before I get into that, let me split it into two sections. All news pertinent to the band will still be right here on the news page. But information about the website but not really about the band will be on the new Site Update page. This is where I will wax technological about the website and why I’ve done things the way I did.

That said, I want you to check out two new sections:

1) The demo CD of Kevin’s new material is now online complete with song samples and

2) The Links page where you will find…well, links to sites of people who’ve been cool to the band over the years. Also, all the lyrics from both CDs are now here.

I also want to reiterate the info about the guys next show at The Sky Bar in Somerville on Thursday, April 27th. Kev and the guys want to give thanks to Shred of WBCN…again. For Shred, if you remember your KMB history, was the first to play one of Kev’s songs on the air. Well he does the booking for The Sky Bar and was awesome enough to put the guys on bill that night.

And lastly, an amusing tidbit. The the guys closed out the set of their recent show at TT’s with the new instrumental, “Ning-com-poop.” Interesting story, how the song title came to be. After one recent practice, Tom commented, jokingly, that since they have a song entitled, Supergenius, they needed a song with a title on the other end of the spectrum, like “Ning-com-poop.” Then Eric, jokingly, suggested that they use it for the as-yet-unnamed instrumental. Then Kevin, seriously, said Okay. (?!?) All I gotta say is that it’ll look, ahem…interesting, on some future track list.


March 4th

O-Boy! Good stuff’s a-happening. Word of the band is getting out there and I’m about to tell you all about it. But first, something you’ve been waiting for – PICTURES FROM THE LIZARD LOUNGE!! This will be the format when the site is updated…which is happening soon.

In other news, a new show at TT the Bear’s Place is on the horizon. Be there April 2nd or be somewhere else.

Kevin never stops writing and it is paying off. As we’ve said here before, he received song of the month for Hide Your Head in July/August and for Supergenius in November in Audiodoodaday, a tape review section in The Noise. Well Butch and Brenda picked those two songs in second in the Yearly Review. And here’s a shout out to our friend, Chris Mascara, who’s band, Mascara, received 3rd best album for their CD, “Fertilizer”.

And lastly but not, in no flipin’ way, least is the tale of Tom and Bill’s weekend –

– Boston’s three prominent music schools (Berklee, NEC and BC) held a job fair this past Sunday, the 27th. There were several industry big wigs giving workshops that we wanted to introduce to the band. So we made a promo kit and a demo CD of new material and donned our corporate best. When we got there, as chance would have it, Harvard University’s WHRB 93.5 were packing up and we jumped in and set up shop. We just couldn’t pass it up.

We really need to thank them for “dropping” their name badge and exhibitor tag. Our spartan display, apparently, was odd enough that people had to come up and ask. The crazy thing was it worked. People seemed to think that we shelled out $200 to promote a band. We still got to some of our intended targets, but we made so many more contacts from the foot traffic on the expo floor that we didn’t expect. It still boggles the mind. One of the workshops was entitled, “Guerilla Marketing” and after this stunt, we felt as if we should’ve been on the panel.

February 3rd

The guys played a great show at a great club on Jan. 22nd. The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA sits beneath the Cambridge Commons Restaurant and has a great atmosphere. The other bands, Mascara and Make Lisa Rich were cool too. And we finally got more pictures. Check ’em out and keep your ears tuned for the next show.

See ya’.

January 16

Innocent. That’s the way it always happens. Just when you think your day is going okay…WHAM!! That was Kevin a few weeks ago. Practice had just gotten over and the guys were packing up when Kevin’s guitar fell out of his case to the floor. The head stock, nearly broke off and was being held by the strings and three splinters. The next day, Kevin walked into Guitar Center to speak to Pat DiBurro, repairman extraordinare. He told Kevin not to worry and there really was no reason to. The guitar is fixed and while the crack is visible it is as solid as before. Kevin’s friend Eric (not Watts), of BabyRay (not KMB), was kind enough to lend him a guitar in the meantime. So to both Pat and Eric, a huge thank you from Kevin and the guys.

For those that missed the show at the Kirkland, it went well. As Eric noted, it was a night of three piece bands. The other bands were The Complaints and a band from Worcester, The Kind. A couple pictures were taken, those will be ready soon as well as a couple snapped at a recent practice.

As for the next show, it will be in Cambridge at the Lizard Lounge on Saturday, January, 22nd. The guys will be going on first, at 9:30. The will be playing with Mascara and Make Lisa Rich.