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May • 16 • 2014

waiting for the next song to arrive

February • 15 • 2014

(update 1 of 2)
Boston's The Noise magazine says Kevin MacDonald is the male vocalist of the year for 2013!

February • 15 • 2013

(update 2 of 2)
More kmb songs have been uploaded to YouTube, so subscribe to Eric's YouTube channel so you can be notified when new songs show up. Easier than us linking to each individual song, no?

October • 14 • 2013

Always being negative is sometimes a postive, like when Eric uses his alwaysnegative YouTube account to host a few of kmb's songs from the past few albums.

There's five songs up for your perusal: something becomes nothing from "temporarily unavailable"; and forest for the trees, still standing still, today the moon, and digital kids from "if kevin plays in the forest..."

March • 10 • 2013

Metronome Magazine's embarassingly good review of if kevin plays in the forest... has just got to be read!

February • 20 • 2013

The new album, if kevin plays in the forest... has been reviewed by The Noise!

December • 25 • 2012

New album? NEW ALBUM!!! if kevin plays in the forest... (I love that name) is being released on Janury 1st, 2013. Dedicated discs page forthcoming.

February • 15 • 2010

Temporarily Unavailable was released last month and has now been reviewed by both The Noise and Metronome.

October • 28 • 2008

And now Mentronome Magazine speaks out in support of the 2nd single from Temporarily Unavailable.

October • 22 • 2008

Kevin's new album, Temporarily Unavailable, being released piecemeal for now, just got it's next review. The Noise Speaketh.

June • 1 • 2008

[backdated from June 14, 2008]
Kevin has a new album in the works. Because it is Temporarily Unavailable, he's releasing it 3 songs at a time. Read Metronome Magazine's review.

May • 1 • 2008

[backdated from June 14, 2008]
Read Metronome Magazine's thoughts on Found Missing: Volume Two from their May, 2008 issue.

January • 09 • 2008

Found Missing: Volume Two was released and reviewed last December by The Noise.

Sept • 01 • 2007

Not to be outdone, the Metronome added their two cents regarding the Erich Groat compilation, which, BTW, is titled Found Missing: Volume One.

July • 26 • 2007

Just to let y'all know, Kevin has compiled a couple CDs worth of material from his friend, and Baby Ray member, Erich Groat. Volume One was treated very kindly by The Noise.

April • 14 • 2007

And now The Noise gets into the act and writes another good review for (expletive deleted).

Jan • 07 • 2007

We've got a friend in Metronome Magazine. They gave Expletive Deleted a great review last month and now we're on the cover of their January 2007 issue. The featured article, contained there-in, will be posted, here, to kmb.c in due time.

Get your copy while you can. Go to your local too-cool-for-malls record store and right after you walk in the door, look down to the right or left. That's usually where they are.

And for those who didn't learn about the article in time to get their own copy, "Webmaster Flogging" reservations are currently being accepted.

Dec • 03 • 2006

Expletive Deleted got a great review in December's Metronome Magazine. Read it and then get your own copy. How? you may ask ... Just ask for one.

And okay, the site updates have stopped rolling in. There's still more work to be done and just as soon as Bill's brain gets back into gear it will be.

Nov • 03 • 2006

The updates just keep rolling in! The Band's Bio is the latest beneficiary.

For those interested, the band's old bio has been moved to the archive.

Oct • 20 • 2006

I'd like to introduce y'all to a4>
I'd like to introduce y'all to a little something called the Archive. You'll find it in the footer section at the bottom of every page.

I tell you this because it is the temporary home of the image galleries and disc reviews until their new homes are finished.

More so, old news and show info will reside there. The rest will be unneeded site elements that I didn't want to throw out just yet.

Oct • 10 • 2006

You might like to know that details for all 6 kmb discs have returned.

Oct • 04 • 2006

I've been working. How do you like? Let me know.

Now that I got the site to this point, I can start bringing back the band pics and disc details.

And sorry for my rambling banter. Thank you for pointing it out (seriously). It's hard for me to detect some times. The more detailed updates are now tucked away on the site page.

Sep • 27 • 2006

Ye auld, behold all that is (expletive deleted). Your existence has now become shallow and the only remedy is to place it within thy scorching, miniscule manos. Beseech us and we shall bestow the sacred disc unto thee.

And Please, Call your local-music radio shows and request it.

Further, the CDs page has just received a long overdue update. It's fairly bare bones for the moment, but I have some plans in mind.

Lastly, the site getting a complete overhaul. All you really need to know is that News, Show info and such will be right here on the home page. Also, don't worry if some stuff vanishes here and there. It'll be back. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.